Finding new and creative ways to deliver our products and services to our markets is our raison d’être. World-class resources, new technologies, dynamic infrastructure and creative logistics solutions allow us to embed ourselves in the commodity supply chain and competitively deliver products in a sustainable and economic manner.

We are always pushing the boundaries to make sure we are at the forefront of product and supply chain evolution.


Investments and partnerships with world-class mining resources allows us to bring great value products to markets consistently in an economic way. Our assets and services range from exploration and junior mining concerns to large incumbent mining houses. Our breadth of experience in resource development, financing, distribution and trading allows us to participate along the value chain and throughout the supply chain.

Technology Infrastructure

Commodity markets are an ever changing environment: to keep up with this change we are ever searching for the newest and most novel developments. Access to product and beneficiation technologies as well as new, supplementary and substitute products are our focus areas.

Bringing dynamism to the market is our business.

Examples of such value partners are:

Iron Mineral Beneficiation Services (IMBS) is a South African company focused on the production of metallic iron units. IMBS has developed a cost efficient technology capable of processing fine and superfine iron ore in an environmentally friendly manner.

Corr-line Steel and Roof acts to beneficiate various steels into a range of end products such as roof sheeting and distribute its products throughout Africa and the globe. A world-class fabrication site and excellent services and sales staff provides Corr-line with a competitive edge in the global market.

Logistical Infrastructure

Finding new and efficient ways to deliver our products to market allows us to challenge the boundaries of service delivery. African logistics is a challenging and changing frontier: investment in logistics resources, infrastructure and the continuous development of supply chain management provides us with the competitive edge.

Our operational relationship with the Grindrod Group, who is deeply embedded in landside freight, intermodal and ocean freight services. This provides Oreport with significant insight and access to services which aid in the flow and marketability of our product.

Financing Solutions

Oreport prides itself as an enabler to international trade. Through the use of structured trade and asset finance we are able to facilitate cargo movements from origin to destination. Financing and finance servicing allow us to tailor our services to the requirements of our customers.

We provide structured trade and asset finance to support our commodity trade.

Other Infrastructure

Infrastructure investment in developing nations allows us to access the resources, technology and logistics infrastructure that benefit our markets and most importantly the countries, citizens and communities we work with. Our business of delivering utilities, housing and basic infrastructure in Africa allows us to ensure that we play a crucial and sustainable role in some of the largest emerging market economies in the world.

We are here to benefit the people around us in a lasting manner and we are here to stay.