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Our goal is to make international business simple, which is why Oreport offers a holistic approach to managing logistics. From contract negotiations, handling, clearing and freighting to tracking, customs and port clearance, warehousing and cargo management – your business is delivered.

Shipping and Cargo Services

The most important aspect of logistical management is efficient and effective communication, and supportive administrative systems. Oreport ships cargo from the producer to the buyer supported by goods tracking and systems management. Through clear communication, we are able to reduce wastage and improve time management and cost inefficiencies, resulting in improved client profitability.

Transport and Customs Services

Over the years Oreport has built up strong relationships with local rail and port authorities, road hauliers as well as major shipping and ship chartering companies involved in the movement of the commodities. In many instances annual contract rates are negotiated for principal suppliers thereby ensuring accurate budgeting on tender type business.